Celebrate! 250 Charlottesville, Opening for Kool and the Gang at John Paul Jones Arena

OK YOUR BAND ROCKED!!! You all looked awesome on stage and sounded incredible!
We all want to have a party and hire you all just for a mid-winter fun event!!
Frank and his band were phenomenal last night at the C’ville 250th anniversary celebration! They had us up and dancing before Kool and the Gang took the stage!

Great job, Frank!! You all made us look good. Great show!
– George Benford, Gala 250 Organizer

You sounded a lot better than you do in the basement.
– Kevin’s 13yr old son Steven

Walked into Whole Foods this morning and a stock-person who I’ve never met says, “Man, you guys rocked the other night – great show!”. Hilarious – felt like a celebrity!
– Frank Squillace, 180’s Manager.

Mary Ann –

The band’s performance at my wedding could not have been more perfect. All the members seem to truly enjoy performing together and this is reflected in the music and the camaraderie. From a Bonnie Rait to Charlie Daniels you guys had it covered. 180 was the highlight of the celebration. Thank you.

Shannon Gearing, Hospice of the Piedmont –

I can’t thank you and the band enough for an unbelievable night! You all are FABULOUS! Thanks for bearing with all the changes and unexpected surprises. We can’t wait to have you all back, if you’ll have us!

Miki (Attending Starr Hill – Parrotheads for Pets Fundraiser for the SPCA)

You guys were just incredible on Sat.!!!!! Sitting in back I had the opportunity to hear the comments, answer questions, hand out business cards and see fans develop thru the evening. The incredible amount of energy you radiate is very contagious!!! It must be exhausting, but the response was fantastic- like magic. Pied pipers of rock. William and I had a blast, too. Thanks so much for such fun and excellent music.

Dr. Maria Kelly (private party and coordinator of Relay for Life)

“……great band, enjoyable to listen to as well as for dancing. Appealed to many age groups”

Lee (Attending the show at the Gravity Lounge)

Hey Guys,
For those of you who missed it… you REALLY missed it. And for those who did not know, you do now. Kevin’s band was GREAT! They played a wide variety (mostly 80’s) of music… and all of it VERY well. Lots of dancing was going on. The crowd was mostly 10 years on either side of me, with still a substantial number of folks in their 20’s, too.Next time Kevin says “Come on out”, you best do it, because you will not be disappointed.
Thanks, Lee

Mark Arsenault (private party and 180 “groupie”)

“Thanks 180, our annual Pig Roast would not be the same without you guys providing such top notch entertainment. Consider yourself booked for next year!!!”