What type of music do you play?
180 is an seven-piece variety band specializing in a wide range of musical styles. Our band plays everything from disco and reggae to soul and classic rock. 180’s instrumentation includes female and male vocalists, lead, rhythm and bass guitars, drums/percussion, keyboard and electric cello! Each member’s love for music and performance makes 180 the natural choice for any event.

Why should we hire you over a DJ?
180 has the class and energy of a live band along with the versatility of a DJ. Not only do we play music, we also perform as master-of-ceremonies for wedding receptions and any other parties. Our equipment equals and often surpasses that of any DJ. We have the ability to play any CD music you want at your event and we will play it over our own PA system. So, when the band takes a break, the dancing can keep going at your discretion!

At what volume level do you play?
180 is able to adjust the volume according to the type of mood you want to set for your event. For instance, we will play at soft levels ideal for cocktails and dinner and later at more energetic levels for dancing.

Are you able to appeal to all generations?
Our wide repertoire enables us to appeal to many types of audiences. We’ll rock children and seniors just as well. As one 14 year-old recently commented, “This was the best adult party I’ve ever been to!”

Will you learn a special song for us?
Yes, yes, yes! For weddings, couples have often asked us to learn a special song or two for their first dance and the parents’ dance including “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Crush” by Dave Matthews. For other events, we have learned polkas, university fight songs and special memorials and dedication numbers.

Will you travel outside of the central Virginia area?
Yes! We have performed throughout Virginia, Washington, D.C., and in North Carolina.

What type of attire do you wear?
We wear anything from dress black and white to business casual to casual. It all depends on your event.

What if we have other questions, can we contact you?
Absolutely! We are available to talk to you at any time regarding your event. Contact our band manager, Frank Squillace, at 434-960-8288.